Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Bedbugs

What do these tiny demons actually want?

The infamous bedbug or punaise de lit or Cimex lectularius is a teeny, tiny insect which is usually 6mm in length. It loves feeding particularly on human blood and has amazing sensory capabilities that let it detect its host even when it is pitch dark.

The bedbugs have high fertility, can lay up to 500 eggs, have the ability to resist deprivation, and high mobility as well. Since the bedbugs have no wings, they are perfectly adapted to be transported by its hosts and their possessions. It can ride on clothing, furniture, luggage and so much more.

Another weird fact about bedbugs is its curious mode of reproduction. Male bedbugs inject their sperm into the females’ abdomen with the help of their syringe-like organ with the process of traumatic insemination.

To find the species of its kind, they eject an effective chemical ecology which includes an odor a human can also smell. It has a coriander-like odor.

They have an appetite for blood because they need to lay eggs and for the larvae to accomplish their development. The bedbug bite and its saliva can cause irritation, itching, and allergies. Sometimes, social phobias and even outsized fears.

Why have they returned?

Bedbugs have been feeding off our blood for eons and eons, but at the beginning of 1950s, science declared victory by developing synthetic insecticides to drive away the bed bugs, and living conditions too, have been improved since then.

The bedbugs waited for some time and made a comeback by the process called pesticide resistance. This has let them repopulate and reconquer territories from which they had been banished. Any new pesticides developed had been fallen victim to the very same process. Our love and ability to travel also plays a role in the bedbugs’ return.

Kill them all

The primary step of eradicating the bedbugs is the detection. As they have a knack for hiding themselves in unreachable spaces, specially trained dogs can help you detect them all.

When it comes to the weakness of the bedbugs, they are highly intolerant of extremely high or low temperatures. Washing the clothes and bedding at the highest possible setting and then drying it for at least half an hour at high heat should do the trick. You can also prefer freezing your clothing or other objects you suspect of being infested.