How to get the best Gainesville Apartments For UF Students

In Gainesville, if you are searching for housing, odds are that you’re a UF student greater than 40% of people is here now to go to the College of Florida. Searching for the first Gainesville apartment could be a daunting task– particularly if you haven’t resided within an apartment before. By using these useful tips and beginning your apartment search on the internet, it can save you some time and get the best fit for both you and your particular needs like a UF student.

Figure Out How You’ll Be Able To UF CLASSES

After working annually on-campus in dorms like Broward, Hume, Springs or Fletcher, most UF students decide to live off-campus and start trying to find a condo. And may you blame them? On-campus UF dorms are usually dark, moist and extremely cramped, with many students discussing your bathroom with 45-60 other students. Regrettably, UF doesn’t offer on-campus parking near classes to UF students that do not reside in the dorms. So prior to apartment search, the very first factor to think about is how to reach your UF classes. Are you going to walk? Are you going to bike? Are you going to ride a bus or look for a place in ParkNRide? If you are considering riding public transit out of your apartment, you will need to leave a minimum of one hour before your class begins to actually will not be late. Keep in mind that most RTS buses drop you off in the Hub (also referred to as the Reitz Union), and you will need to walk after that for your classes. The only real other choice is to search out ParkNRide (that is to date from classes that you will have to ride a bus out of your parking place towards the Hub after which walk after that). Due to the challenges you’ll face dealing with your classes, most students look for apartments close to the UF campus, to enable them to walk to class.

It may be tough to locate an apartment near UF, particularly if students don’t have the aid of older buddies and family who’ve been with the process before. Most of the apartment complexes near UF are small , don’t advertise from our apartment guides or Gainesville Apartment Hunters or similar apartment finder services. Rather, you need to be positive to locate your very best fit.


Smart students who would like to get the best and least expensive apartments in Gainesville start their search on the internet. They start by navigating to sites like Google and keying in general keyword terms like Gainesville apartments and Gainesville apartments near UF. These terms will return a summary of apartment complexes near to campus. The very first couple of search engine results includes apartment finding services and roommate matching services which will list a lot of the apartments with easy comparison charts, where one can search by style, size, move-in date and much more. The sites include many picture galleries, floorplans, virtual tours and maps showing in which the apartments can be found.

By beginning their search to find the best Gainesville apartments online, students can definitely reduce their research time. Some likewise incorporate time-saving tools like “plan a tour” buttons as well as offer online specials.