How to Spruce Up a Tired Kitchen?


The kitchen is the most popular area in any home to renovate but simultaneously it is very expensive too. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms of your house. It cooks, dines and hosts every day to the inhabitants and guests. Obviously, Kitchen gets the most wear and tear and therefore, requires maintenance and remodeling on a timely basis.

The kitchen is also one of the places through the guests are impressed most. So, it is also the place to decorate and furnish with gadgets, colors, surfaces etc. This is another reason your kitchen becomes outdated with time. But the good news is the dollars spent on a kitchen renovation and remodeling can expect 80-100% return on your renovation investment in re-sale.

Avoid expensive Renovation:

Though homeowners from Toronto can expect the greatest return of their home by Kitchen and Bathrooms renovations a full-scale kitchen renovation will cost around $60,000 which is quite expensive and can break your bank account. The wise choice may be to spend judiciously and narrow the focus of kitchen renovation only at some major points which require immediate attention. Another idea can plan complete renovation in phases.

Below are some of the tips to spruce up your kitchen without making many expenses:

1)    Paint your kitchen:

One of the quickest methods to update your kitchen is to just paint with a new shade and new color. Off course, this will make the kitchen look fresh and new. Your cabinets and countertops will automatically shine up.

2)    Paint the old Cabinets:

The cost of putting entirely new cabinets will be heavy. So, another idea is to just paint the existing one.

3)    Put new doors and hardware:

Another good idea would just change the doors or/and change hardware. New fixtures with a trendy design will make your kitchen look brand new.

4)    Flooring

Change floors to make a kitchen look new. Hardwood and stone surfaces look stunning but are extremely expensive. Now trendy linoleum styles are available that resemble ties. These vinyl products are easy to clean and reasonably priced also.

5)    Backsplashes

You can add a little style to a bland kitchen by adding some backsplashes. They are reasonably priced and are easily installed too.

6)    Islands

Adding island is a nice way to create an additional workspace and storage area without adding cabinets. You can save thousands of dollars by applying this idea.

7)    Add Affordable Home Additions:

Add some affordable home additions that are friendly to your pocket and provide some modern styles as well.

All these tips will help you greatly to increase your home equity.

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