Interush Relocates To Inspire


interush office ID is awe inspiring


The US corporate office of Interush has transplanted the new global innovations office (Interush GIS for short) to Irvine, California. The company chose the new name of Interush GIS for the new office because this particular relocation creates opportunities within the history of the company. They are considered a progressive IT company and is currently experiencing rapid growth and fast-paced product innovation, topped off with a foray into the Singapore market. The new location is larger and so can accommodate growth alongside the company. This location is also projected to be a hub of product innovation and a place where US employees can work together to enhance the company’s online presence and communication.

When asked about growth, Martin Matthews, the chairman and CEO of Interush reflects that, the relocation of the US office signals the start of a time of enormous development for a company he considers to be outstanding and dynamic. The office was relocated in order to place the US employees in the best working space to further create and flourish. It appears as though management focuses on the employee’s growth as much as it does growth of the business.

The new Interush office is modeled on a contemporary concept, specifically designed to create a phenomenal setting for work that is focused on developing creative ideas, enhancing products, strategizing over the company’s long term progression and is productive and collaborative all in the same space. The interior is inspired by the natural world, accompanied by an abundance of windows and natural light, and has both relaxing and exotic elements to help create its unique atmosphere. This design was so specific that it was reviewed by a Chinese Feng Shui master and is situated on the entirety of the eighth floor for added dollop of good luck.

To augment the already elevated status of this unique office, the building was rated among the top 20 percent of energy efficient buildings in the US, superbly illustrating environmental awareness this business operates under. This new office works toward further fulfilling the company’s mission.

To continue its vision Interush has extended its presence in Asia by opening offices in several countries, in particular Japan, the Philippines and Singapore.

The Interush Singapore office at Paya Lebar Square is similarly impressive in its design which is designed to inspire as well.