Using Blush Pink for Décor: Don’t Miss These Ideas

Interiors of your home define your taste and preferences, and ideally, most of us don’t think of pink as the ideal shade for creating a theme. Things have changed although in 2018, as bronze and blush pink shades taking the forefront. You will find a bunch of ideas to include the new-age blush pink into your home, and to make things simple, we have a few easy ideas for your consideration.

Say it with furniture

If you have a neutral home interior theme with more of wooden elements and texture, a blush pink sofa is all you need to add some color. In case you are not in mood to spend a lot on new furniture, a better idea is to go for smaller things, like chest of drawers, pouffes and cabinets.

Accessorize your home

Don’t have the budget to add a new sofa? Fret not, because bronze and blush pink accessories can be included into the existing theme. Consider some of the simple things, like a bronze candelabra with pink candles, or a stack of books with pink cover placed on the coffee table. You can also try some of the ceramics with blush pink or similar undertones.

Don’t miss the throws

Wooden throws have been traditionally used in contemporary homes to get both texture and color. You can wrap around one after a long day at work, or can choose to keep one as an item of décor. The idea is to use throws in mixed ways, so that the color of blush pink pops out in a subtle yet accenting way.

Grab some cushions

If you are feeling lazy about changing the entire décor, all you need is blush pink cushions as accents for the room. You can mix these new ones with the existing ones to create a collage of colors, which can be the central point of the room. Designing your home by getting a new trend in place doesn’t get better than this.

Play with wall art

Probably you don’t want to change a lot of things in your home right way, but you can choose to still include blush pink in your rooms through wall art. Creating a feature wall with paintings having pink tones with copper frames is an easy job, and you can easily mix and match other colors and themes in the mix too.

Say it loud with curtains

Buying blush pink or similar colored curtains doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, and you can easily transform the entire look for the room, especially the living area and bedroom. With blush pink, you can choose not to alter rest of the interiors, which is a big advantage for homes that have wooden tones all over.

Finally, a good alternative to most of these things to create a feature wall that’s painted in blush pink. You can use the wall to display some of your artifacts and paintings, which is an easy way to bring attention to one of the walls.